Some Weapons I'm Familiar With

Colt Python 8", S & W 629, Springfield 1911 and 1911 EMP, Colt Sauer 300 Mag Rifle, Needham Boxlock 12 Bore, 1948 Mauser 8mm,  Galpin Hammerlock 12 Bore, Remington 1100 simi automatic 12 ga., S & W M&P 15 Tactical, Remington 870 12 Gauge, RWS 460 Air Rifle.... (in order of appearance below)

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Colt Python 357 Mag/ 38 SPL with 8" Barrel in Nickel. MFG'd 1981

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1981 Colt Python Instruction Manual

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1975 - 1981 Colt Catalogs & Price Lists 

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Smith & Wesson 44 Mag Mdl. 629 with 6" Barrel in Stainless Steel. MFG'd 1984

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Springfield 1911 and EMP chambered in 9 mm. (9 Round Magazine and one in the chamber) 

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1976 Colt-Sauer Rifle 

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1976 Colt-Sauer Rifle Manual

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1895 Needham (British) Boxlock 12 bore S x S Shotgun   Click for more Pics

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1948 (circa) Mauser 8mm sniper carbine (M48)

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1889 Galpin (British) Hammerlock 12 bore    S x S Shotgun 

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1978 Remington 1100 Semi Automatic 12 gague Shotgun.

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M & P 15 Sport (Smith & Wesson) 5.56 mm Tactical Weapon.  10 Round Magazines. Can chamber 2.23 Rounds as well.

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Remington 870 12 Ga.       Shotgun.   Chambers 5 shells.     New in 2009


RWS 460 Air Rifle in .177 has a single shot capability with the cocking lever under the fixed barrel . Fires pellets at 1350 Ft. Per Second.

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  2015 Kimber 30.06 84L

This a light Hunting Rifle ideal for long hike hunts.  While it is powerful and accurate, it has the recoil of the Colt 300 Weatherby Mag (above) without it's dropping power for the biggest North American game.


2017 Ruger Custom 10/22

This Model Rifle may be purchased and customized as desired with after market parts.  Here, I have changed the barrel to a 16" (KIDD) Stainless Steel Bull with flash/recoil muzzle brake, KIDD trigger, custom stock, custom bolt arm, and a Nikon P Rimfire 2 x 7 - 32 scope.  This mid length (pistol or rifle adjustable) 22 LR is designed to be a tack driver in the 25 to 50 yard range.  The ammo case is custom leather by Carey Arms Works.


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IMG_0258e.jpg (87203 bytes) IMG_0257e.jpg (91722 bytes) IMG_0263e.jpg (68034 bytes)
The Python will chamber both 357 Mag in hollow point or soft point as well as 38 Special rounds.  The 38 shells have less powder and thus are shorter.  This allows 38 target shooting with less kick and report.  It's an enjoyable shoot at the range and capable of better protection if using the 357 rounds.

 The now discontinued Colt Python targeted the premium revolver market segment  Some firearm collectors and writers such as Jeff Cooper, Ian V. Hogg, Chuck Hawks, Leroy Thompson, Renee Smeets and Martin Dougherty have described the Python as the finest production revolver ever made.

The approval list of hanguns (currently) for California has only the Python 6" barrel in Stainless as OK for the State.  Hard to figure since it is no longer produced.  Finding a Python for sale in California is next to scarce. 
Box.jpg (75121 bytes) InBox.jpg (59843 bytes) Safe1e.jpg (131349 bytes)
Proudest is the owner with original box identified by the information on one end (inset). Shown here is the way the gun came inside the box (plastic wraps are shown removed). The most complete purchases also have the instruction manual and Colt Factory Letter. The latter can be ordered thru Colt Archivists at $75 or so. (see them below) The Python has it's own display shelf inside a gun safe.  There are no fire or theft proof safes, only some are best. Homeowners insurance has low limits on gun coverage. A single gun can exceed the limit if lost.  Specific riders are not expensive at $100 or more per year depending on total collection value



I have copied this in the interest of those who may be curious or have a Python and are missing this important manual.  Pg. 32 instructs owners not to misplace it. Originals go at auction for between $25 and $75.

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0Manual.jpg (115141 bytes)  0 1Manual.jpg (144616 bytes)  1 2Manual.jpg (124383 bytes)  2 3Manual.jpg (65124 bytes)  3
4Manual.jpg (109646 bytes)  4 5Manual.jpg (144876 bytes)  5 6Manual.jpg (176745 bytes)  6 7Manual.jpg (154977 bytes)  7
8Manual.jpg (156939 bytes)  8 9Manual.jpg (130059 bytes)  9 0Manual.jpg (115141 bytes)  10 11Manual.jpg (147227 bytes)  11
12Manual.jpg (137238 bytes)  12 13Manual.jpg (139773 bytes)  13 14Manual.jpg (122418 bytes)  14 15Manual.jpg (126265 bytes)  15
16Manual.jpg (125442 bytes)  16 17Manual.jpg (86896 bytes)  17 18Manual.jpg (142361 bytes)  18 19Manual.jpg (146562 bytes)  19
20Manual.jpg (153672 bytes)  20 21Manual.jpg (134427 bytes)  21 22Manual1.jpg (133149 bytes)  22 23Manual.jpg (141596 bytes)  23
24Manual.jpg (126780 bytes)  24 25Manual.jpg (126406 bytes)  25 26Manual.jpg (78663 bytes)  26 27Manual.jpg (98225 bytes)  27
28Manual.jpg (77211 bytes)  28 29Manual.jpg (130556 bytes)  29  30Manual.jpg (54104 bytes)  30  31Manual.jpg (77594 bytes)  31
32Manual.jpg (78522 bytes)  32 BackManual.jpg (109912 bytes) Back PythonCerte.jpg (176073 bytes)

This is the Certification and Historic info for my Ser. # Python.  Available from Colt for $75.

BoxEnd.jpg (236922 bytes)  And if you are lucky, you will get a Python with the original box, it is worth $400 and up.  You see, besides the Gun and Colt Letter, it is the one thing that is identified by serial # as being for your gun.

1976 Colt Sauer Bolt Action Rifle Manual

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6Man.jpg (61142 bytes) 12Man.jpg (172002 bytes) 13Man.jpg (139109 bytes) 14Man.jpg (132104 bytes)
15Man.jpg (111344 bytes) 16Man.jpg (134918 bytes) 17Man.jpg (143749 bytes) 21Man.jpg (145501 bytes)
22Man.jpg (133248 bytes) 23Man.jpg (112113 bytes) 24Man.jpg (120801 bytes) 25Man.jpg (138886 bytes)
26Man.jpg (134810 bytes) 27an.jpg (131928 bytes) 28Man.jpg (162452 bytes) 30Man.jpg (88251 bytes)
33Man.jpg (89207 bytes) 34Man.jpg (78788 bytes) 35Man.jpg (88159 bytes) BackMan.jpg (61522 bytes)



(Note: the 1976 and 1981 catalogs are shown in full as they are the years of the Colts shown above... the others show the covers and the Python & Sporting Rifle pages.)

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75CatFronte.jpg (73962 bytes) 75Cat03.jpg (72567 bytes) 75Cat17.jpg (73226 bytes) Note this panel says that 1975 was the first year for the 300 WBY chambering.  My rifle is a 1976 300 WBY. 75CatBack.jpg (64422 bytes)
76Cat00.jpg (107908 bytes) 76Cat01.jpg (113652 bytes) 76Cat02.jpg (171358 bytes) 76Cat03n4.jpg (214319 bytes)
76Cat05.jpg (94278 bytes) 76Cat06.jpg (102087 bytes) 76Cat07.jpg (133255 bytes) 

Colt Python 

76Cat08.jpg (79115 bytes)
76Cat09.jpg (73945 bytes) 76Cat10.jpg (94466 bytes) 76Cat11.jpg (86382 bytes) 76Cat12.jpg (85913 bytes)
76Cat13.jpg (72505 bytes) 76Cat14.jpg (136928 bytes) 76Cat15.jpg (97443 bytes)


76Cat16.jpg (97763 bytes)
76Cat17n18.jpg (146678 bytes)

Colt Sauer Rifles

76Cat19n20.jpg (183048 bytes) 76Cat21.jpg (106183 bytes) 76Cat22.jpg (112116 bytes)
77Cat00.jpg (73401 bytes) 7Cat04.jpg (86492 bytes) 77Cat13n14.jpg (157091 bytes) 77Cat15n16.jpg (136701 bytes)
78Cat00.jpg (103457 bytes) 78Cat01.jpg (84798 bytes) 78Cat15n16.jpg (120727 bytes) 78Cat23.jpg (91072 bytes)
1978 Catalog Cover Python Colt Sauer Rifles - 1978 1978 Catalog Back
79Cat00.jpg (66848 bytes) 79Cat06.jpg (84281 bytes) 79Cat17n18.jpg (149335 bytes) 79Cat23.jpg (157673 bytes)
80Cat00.jpg (86288 bytes)

1980 Catalog

80Cat09.jpg (88563 bytes) 80Cat10.jpg (179897 bytes) 80Cat11n12.jpg (199777 bytes)
    Note that this page has the introduction of the Python 8" barell for the first time.  My Python is a 1981.  
CatFront1e.JPG (59123 bytes) Cat01e.jpg (76397 bytes) Cat02e.jpg (105000 bytes) Cat03e.jpg (110285 bytes)
Cat04e.jpg (113409 bytes) Cat05e.jpg (96925 bytes) Cat06e.jpg (114220 bytes) Cat07e.jpg (106184 bytes)
Cat08e.jpg (95206 bytes) Cat09e.jpg (74415 bytes) Cat10e.jpg (85275 bytes) Cat11e.jpg (80388 bytes)
Cat12e.jpg (97181 bytes) Cat13e.jpg (78235 bytes) Cat14e.jpg (122598 bytes) Cat15e.jpg (83267 bytes)
Cat1718e.jpg (183428 bytes) Cat1920e.jpg (117822 bytes)
Cat16e.jpg (81897 bytes) Cat21e.jpg (143778 bytes) Cat22e.jpg (126940 bytes) Cat23e.jpg (126587 bytes)
Cat24e.jpg (118154 bytes) Cat25e.jpg (134653 bytes) Cat26e.jpg (129806 bytes) Cat27e.jpg (157639 bytes)



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75price00.jpg (38537 bytes) 75price01.jpg (62412 bytes) 75price02.jpg (78304 bytes) 75price03.jpg (77349 bytes)
81CatFronte.jpg (63400 bytes) 81Cat01e.jpg (132313 bytes) 81Cat02e.jpg (142606 bytes) 81Cat03e.jpg (132198 bytes)

Retail Price List (front)


Double Action and Coltguard's with Specs and Retail (with tax)


Single Action, Automatic, and Blackpowder with specs and Retail.


Other arms and options specs.

81disFronte.jpg (132009 bytes) 81dis01e.jpg (156623 bytes) 81dis02e.jpg (164307 bytes) 81dis03e.jpg (189166 bytes)

Confidential Distributor Price Schedule... note Distributor, Dealer, and Retail prices are shown. (front)


Same for Double Action and Coltguard's 


Same for Single Action, Automatic, and Blackpowder 


Same for Other arms and options

81CusFronte.jpg (113251 bytes) 81Cus01e.jpg (130912 bytes) 81Cus02e.jpg (165636 bytes) 81Cus03e.jpg (119905 bytes)

Colt Custom Gun Shop Confidential Distributor Price Schedule (front)


Engraving and finish specs.


Grips and Python Options info


Cases and Other Options.


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IMG_0266e.jpg (59629 bytes) IMG_0338e.jpg (55817 bytes)  
The 44 Magnum is some serious fire power especially with hollow point rounds. It packs a wallop on firing. Hand made holster so as to take this baby to the big game hunt as back up... as in Boar.  


SPRINGFIELD 1911 A1 9mm and EMP 9mm

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IMG_0153e.jpg (96073 bytes) IMG_0347e.jpg (74681 bytes) IMG_0345e.jpg (68992 bytes)
This is how the 1911 came... save the box and everything with it including the sales slip. Springfield engineered this smaller conceal and carry "baby" 1911 (EMP) especially for the 9 mm round.  This was purchased off consignment and the shaved safety levers allow it to fit and feel well in a small nondescript conceal holster.  As shown, the holster looks like a phone and utility package worn on the belt.  Homemade "sneaky".


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IMG_0490e.jpg (75307 bytes)

1976 was the second year that this rifle was offered chambered for the 300 WBY Round (see the 1975 Price list)


IMG_0492e.jpg (63463 bytes)

All dressed out for the hunt. I made the leather accessories.  Brass fittings for the sling are from an old Boyt sling.

IMG_0489e.jpg (115941 bytes)

Fitted with a period correct Leupold 4 - 12 x 40 Scope.

IMG_0629e.jpg (82873 bytes)

TSA approved airline case was tarmac drop tested on my Montana trip no thanks to Delta Airlines.  Included is space for the rifle, accessories and ammo.  Alternately the ammo slot may carry a backup pistol instead. Leather scabbard is for hunting on horseback .



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IMG_0493e.jpg (83367 bytes)IMG_0494e.jpg (38794 bytes)

This target is made from 1/8" steel plates 1" apart.  At 100 yards, the four 300 Weatherby Magnum  rounds blew through both.  



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IMG_0185e.jpg (40496 bytes) IMG_0297e.jpg (244990 bytes) First15e.jpg (72006 bytes)
This view shows the added reflective scope.  It is an EoTech XPS2 Holographic that has the circle with dot shown as the aiming point in the window near the rear sight.  All you have to do is put that dot on a target and fire.  This leaves both eyes open for total vision. It almost doubled the value of the weapon, but is very professional and accurate. 5.56 NATO rounds can be bought pre loaded in 10 rounds per strip. A 10 round strip is shown about to be loaded into a 10 R Magazine.  10 Rounds is the max allowable in California.

IMG_0539e.jpg (59983 bytes)

Some Mods added for improved accuracy and optics.

50 yards for the first time with the standard front and rear sights being used.  Wind is the only thing that can dampen the day.  Fun weapon to own and shoot.  I would like to find a Boar hunt.... but would carry the 44 Mag revolver with hollow points as backup.

1895 Needham 12 Bore S x S Shotgun

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IMG_0499e.jpg (57488 bytes) needham-right-raw.jpg (150750 bytes) needham-close-left-raw.jpg (322833 bytes)
This is strictly a display gun for my 1929 Rolls-Royce Shooting Brake.  In refinishing and use, the barrel walls have gotten too thin to shoot it. It is shown here where eventually a gun rack for two guns will be. GoTo the Restoration page for the RR Shooting Brake Most of the detail of the engraving survived.  All in all, it's great for show in the car. The break action is smooth and a delight to hold, open and close.


1889 Galpin 12 Bore S x S Shotgun

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IMG_0543ejpg.jpg (86018 bytes) IMG_0548e.jpg (105275 bytes) IMG_0562e.jpg (97060 bytes)
Guns of this vintage are what I sought to use in my 1929 RR Shooting Brake for display. This shotgun has Damascus barrels.  They were hand forged with many twists and layers of metal that when completed had a random pattern distinctive to each gun.  They were highly prized in their day, but have come to be considered dangerous for modern shot shell loads. The name on this gun was determined by research to be the seller rather than a gun maker.  This is a "Birmingham Trade Gun" and is a hammer box lock action. Galpin was an "Ironmonger" which was the English name for a hardware store owner. This hammer action differs from the above gun in the firing action.  It probably was going out of style as the hammerless guns came into vogue.  Research is ongoing and necessary to get a true chronology of gunsmith practices of the time.  No doubt, however, British makers were among the best and most innovative for the many years before and after 1900.




1978 Remington 1100 12 gauge Semi-Automatic



1978 Remington 1100

Click any Picture to enlarge it.

Remington has had some version of the Semi-Auto Shotgun since the 1960's.  This 1978 12 gauge (S/N M79500sV) was purchased "as new" in 2015 showing no wear or damage.  After test firing it, I made the modifications (left) to make it more tactical... 21" Barrel, 9 shot magazine, improved chambering bolt, sling fittings, fiber optic front sight, quick loader, and recoil pad.  In either version, it is a sweetheart. It switches back and forth in minutes... range to field...short to long.  It has choke tube interchangeability.


Put 9 shells on target as fast as you can pull the trigger. From 00 Buck to target loads, you will have a large hole in the paper target before reloading.

1948 Mauser M48 8mm Sniper Carbine

This was in the beginning:  An Early Post WWII surplus rifle that was a hold over from Yugoslavia and possibly used in the cold war era.  It was completely dipped  (Lock, Stock, and Barrel ) in a vat of cosmolene simmering at or above 140 degrees and stored.  I bought this at a sporting goods store on sale for $280 at the recommendation of friend Dave who also got one. Everything was crudded up and had to be boiled and solar heated (the wood) to excise the cosmolene.  I then reassembled it and took it to the range to be sure it fired and didn't blow up.  The only way to shine the riffling was to run some lead thru it. While it was a delight to shoot, the iron sights are very fine and the trigger very jerky resulting in paper, but no shot groups.... still it had promise.

I figured it was worth fooling with so I researched what was used for a scope and scope mounts.  I'd heard these were very effective sniper rifles dating back before 1900.  The side mount scope bracket was what was used in the day and positioned it best with the least effect on loading, bolting, and the crest, etc.  It cost $200!  I found a period correct and high quality German scope on Ebay that was 4 to 10 power and a 50mm lens.  I won the bid for $308 which was the best option in over three weeks of looking.  The side mount hardware requires about as much gunsmithing as I'm up to with drilling and thread cutting at great precision.

This is the Pecar Berlin 4 x 10 variable 50mm scope with 26.5 mm tube which was exactly right for the side mount rings. It came with the original box, instructions, and owner notes with just the right patina.  That's important as a new scope just wouldn't look good with the "used but loved" look I think such a carbine deserves.

I figured it was time to see if this baby was worth any more investment in time and money or was a bust of what had been spent.  After bore sighting, I did about 18 rounds to see the paper trail and fine tuned it some along the way.  This is the result of the next 9 rounds!  I did a little left adjustment, but couldn't have been more excited with the results and prospects.  An 8mm round is pretty big, but doesn't cost much ($.55) and has a comfortable kick. My biggest rifle is a 300 Weatherby Mag round that costs nearly $2 and beats you to death (see Colt Sauer above).  It is great for dropping anything in N. America and very reliable, but best left to hunting.



Now it was time to invest a little love into an exciting prospect.  First was the scope lens covers of the type used on such guns.  Custom leather I made was the only way to get a fit for this and stay "period".  After that, it seemed only right to do a stock cover that would hold the sling that I bought and antiqued to look and work with this carbine.  Working from stock cover examples online, I came up with a design and fit customized to do what I was after.

This is an enlarged representation of the crest stamped onto the top of the receiver along with the M48 Model number and the rifle's serial number that is on the receiver, bolt, and stock.

The opposite side of the butt cover incorporates loops for 5 rounds which is what the top loader magazine holds.  Note that the front of the cover on this side "tucks" the front of the rear sling fittings tight against the stock.  That makes this cover all good for the job it needs to do.

Lastly, it needs to be shown that the kludgey trigger has been replaced with an improved ball fulcrum single stage Stainless trigger which has no pre travel (adjustable) and a smooth and predictable "squeeze" to the firing point. (also adjustable)  Online research lead me to decide this was the best option with the least trouble and modification required.  It was a little pricy at $106 by comparison.

I bought some surplus trinkets to round of this restoration.  5 round clip strips used to quick load the mag but only without the scope.  A bayonet and cleaning kit just for the hell of it.  I  built a custom "crate look" rifle case because these surplus carbines often were shipped in wood crates as were the ammo. It's made to look like it was just delivered to the trenches. (OK sort of) The ammo (currently) is 1990 surplus 8 x 57 rounds in brass, where a lot of what's available is of the steel case variety. (Note the cleaning kit left front, the bolt center, and 60 rounds on the right front).


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IMG_0311e.jpg (44280 bytes) IMG_0291e1.jpg (83337 bytes) IMG_0576el.jpg (76860 bytes)
  The RWS is a serious weapon for target, plinking, and varmint control. This is a splatter target showing four shots at 50 yards.  It does this well at 100 yards on live critters using the Predator pellets shown.  They are light, aerodynamic, and expand upon impact.  This combination is as good as it gets Ammo for these weapons are shown (from L to R) .177 Predator pellets, 5.56 Nato rounds, 9mm hollow point, 9mm Ball Point, 9mm soft point, 357 hollow point, 357 soft point, 38 Special, 44 Mag. hollow point, 44 Mag. soft point, 44 Mag. hollow point copper, 300 Weatherby Mag. lead, 300 WBY Mag. Copper,  and 12 Ga. Shotgun





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