Sound Recordings of the NGS

Sounds Of The World (Series) - 1969 thru 1975   Back to the Link Page

(33 1/3 LP's shown, these were also done in cassette tapes)

     1969 1st Release (click on pics below to enlarge)   Every Record (26 total), a complete collection for $800     E Mail Me

69MusicOfGreece.jpg (105022 bytes) 71MusicOfTrinidad.jpg (117518 bytes) 72MusicOfTonga.jpg (100354 bytes)
1969 title circa 1972 1971 1972
72MusicOfTheOzarks.jpg (138277 bytes) 73Songs&SoundsOfTheSea.jpg (165050 bytes) 73MusicOfSpain.jpg (103699 bytes)
1972 1973 1973
74MusicOfHawaii.jpg (108189 bytes) 74MusicOfScotland.jpg (107707 bytes) 75WildernessTrail.jpg (108324 bytes)
1974 1974 1975

The American Adventure  Series - 1976 thru 1979

(33 1/3 LP's shown, these were also done in cassette tapes)    E Mail Me

76CowboySongs.jpg (94184 bytes) 76SongsOfRebels&Redcoats.jpg (108757 bytes) 76SteamBoatsComin.jpg (88540 bytes)
1976 1976 1976
76SongsOfTheCivilWar.jpg (97222 bytes) 77WabashCannonball.jpg (161347 bytes) 77WestwardHo.jpg (141213 bytes)
1976 1977 1977
77BarberShopDays.jpg (160294 bytes) 77AnAmericanChristmas.jpg (165753 bytes) 78WeAmericans.jpg (140782 bytes)
1977 1977 1978
78OnParade.jpg (170333 bytes) 78CumberlandGap.jpg (137593 bytes) 78DixielandJazz.jpg (134383 bytes)
1978 1978 1978
79Ramblin.jpg (167784 bytes) 79MoonlightRagtime.jpg (96107 bytes) 79GoodOldSummertime.jpg (166190 bytes)
1979 1979 1979
79AppalacianSpringRodeo.jpg (161647 bytes) Spines.jpg (105507 bytes) These records are all double gatefold record enclosures with pages of great graphics on the subject of the title.  They look thicker than most jackets, but are hard to spot in the thousands of records in the bins at a used record store.  I had one record in 8 years of collecting.  With internet exposure I got the 24 needed to complete in less than 18 months! Tonga seemed to be the most in demand.
1979 1969 to 1979 Spines (see the record list for more info)

Sound Recordings (33 1/3 flexible) as Supplements in Issues.  These are generally collected in the Issues, see Mag's for sale or inquire.

865.jpg (78239 bytes)

August 1965 Churchill

65Churchill.jpg (143922 bytes)

1269.jpg (107478 bytes)

December 1969 Space Walk

69Space.jpg (141052 bytes)

179.jpg (90347 bytes)

January 1979 Whale Sounds

79Whales.jpg (166121 bytes)

Sound Recordings (33 1/3 flexible) as Supplements to Books 

S&GBirds.jpg (69182 bytes)

S&GBirds2.jpg (64815 bytes)     S&GBirds1.jpg (44463 bytes)

Six clear flexible records were issued in this booklet in the back pocket of  the 1964 book "Song and Garden Birds" 

I only have one extra of these recordings... $15.......the rest are in books.

WP&GBirds.jpg (45008 bytes)

WP&GBirds2.jpg (52317 bytes)     WP&GBirds1.jpg (55128 bytes)

Six clear flexible records were issued in this booklet in the back pocket of 1965 book "Water Prey and Game Birds"

I only have one of these books and one set of these records with it.  (see books)

BirdSounds.jpg (65760 bytes) 1983

Shown here are the Supplements to the book "The Wonder of Birds"

The 4 records and supplement in a sleeve go with the book (see books), but I have one extra record and supplement)....The records are heavy but flexible..... $25


BirdSounds2.jpg (50730 bytes) 1985

This is the Supplement to NG (Field Guide to Birds of N. America) goes with the book (see books section).

2 cassette version.

Sound Recordings from Eva-Tone

85EvaTone.jpg (33690 bytes)

The September 1985 issue is on this record for the blind or handicapped. 

 Flexible 9 inch disk shown with the mailer.   85EvaTone1.jpg (37371 bytes)...............$55

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