NGS Magazine Reprints

Vol. I #1 (1975), Vol. I #2 & #4 (1922), and 1888 to 1907 sets (1964)

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1888v1n1$2.jpg (48325 bytes) This Vol. I #1 (1975) Reprint is still available from the National Geographic Society very reasonably priced.  It differs from it's 1964 reprint counterpart only by having a "75" on the inside back cover.  All such "modern" reprints differ from the original issues and the 1922 reprints (below) in size.  These are 6 7/8" x 10" regardless of the Format (1 thru 5).     All such reprints are characterized by clean "shinny" paper that is somewhat heavier than originals.  The word "Reprint" appears in the lower center of each cover.

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Format1v1n21922.jpg (42734 bytes)

 ~ 1922 REPRINTS ~

Vol. I #'s 2 and 4 were already very scarse by 1922.  As such, these reprints are often needed for a collection. 

These are 6 1/8" x 9 1/4" and differ from any other issue (reprint or orig.) in that they are dark brown and have vertical trace lines and a horizontal pattern as well. The inside paper is older than any1964 reprints. The word "reprint" is NOT found on these.


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Format1v1n41922.jpg (39350 bytes)

Format164.jpg (48536 bytes)  Format 1 in an individual 1964 reprint. These are no longer in print, and are somewhat in demand. The 1964 reprints (shown in the formats left and below) are found loose or bound covering the years 1888 thru 1907. The National Geographic Society bound version of these are beige buckram (cloth- see below) with gold lettering and have the covers, ads, and maps included.  Any other bound version is a loose set that was done "after market" or by a private party. Despite having all material included, a bound set of these are less valuable than single issue sets. Most collectors find these useful to own when originals are missing in their set. Small print and details are very easy to read.  These are generally worth between $25 and $35 each depending on the condition of the individual issues no matter what the date. A large purchase of single issues or a bound set generally costs less per issue.

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Format264.jpg (91270 bytes)  Format 2 in an individual 1964 reprint.


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Format364.jpg (89421 bytes)  Format 3 in an individual 1964 reprint.


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A Format 4 reprint was unavailable for showing. See the magazine section for this "wine color" format.

Format564.jpg (106978 bytes)  Format 5 in an individual 1964 reprint.


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This 1964 Bound Reprint is the original example of  the NGS release. (1 of 18)

Examples of Original Map Supplements and those issued with Reprint Magazines

MapReprt1891.jpg (197916 bytes) Reprint 1891 map

MapOrig1891.jpg (198383 bytes) Original 1891 map

MapReprt5.jpg (71221 bytes) Reprint Feb.-1905 map - Note the clean, heavy paper, and no tipping spot.

MapOrig5.jpg (52641 bytes)    Original Feb. 1905 map - Which looks older, has thinner paper, and the folds are different.

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