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Jan 1913 Issue

While not one of  THE  issues normally associated with the Machu Picchu category, this must be shown because it has Bingham's first report to the Society on the Peruvian expedition. This is the first magazine in the index with a Machu Picchu listing.   $75

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April1913.jpg (100780 bytes) April 1913 Issue

This is THE  issue on the very popular subject of the joint Yale University / National Geographic Society expedition to Machu Picchu, Peru.  It is a major # (almost double the pages of any other issue) and dedicated to the very exciting and major find in the high country of Peru.  While this author does not generally subscribe to placing extra emphasis on collecting (or the scarcity of)  individual issues based on subject, the impact and popularity of this issue cannot be ignored.  When runs of issues are found in storage (basments, attics, or lockers), this issues is a rare inclusion.  Either the issue was never gotten for the collection, or had since been removed by some interested party.  This issue is also enhanced by the inclusion of a major Pictorial Supplement. (see below and in Pictorials section) ..........Click on Pic to Enlarge  $475

April 1913 Pictorial foldout...


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Feb1915.jpg (104384 bytes) Feb. 1915 Issue

Continuing the reporting from Peru was well accepted by the National Geographic Society magazine readership.  This issue is significant, but not entirely dedicated to the subject.   $95

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May1916.jpg (93588 bytes) May 1916 Issue

This is a normal size issue and is entirely dedicated to the Machu Picchu archaeology.   $95

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Other issues shown in the index for Machu Picchu are:  Aug. 1942, Oct. 1950, Feb. 1964, March 1992, and while not indexed, Feb. 1992 has refference to Machu Picchu as the holdout against Pizarro (Spanish) conquest of the area.  Machu Picchu was apparently never found by the Spanish even though the peoples were subjugated. 

1922IncaLand.jpg (43202 bytes) 1922

Inca Land…1st ed…. Hiram Bingham on Machu Picchu.  This book has reference to the National Geographic Society cooperation with Yale University in the funding of the archaeology work.  NOT AVAILABLE

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1930MachuPicchu.jpg (90096 bytes) 1930

Machu Picchu (see also Technical Books Section) Published in cooperation with Yale University Press, this is THE book on the successful years of archaeology work by Hiram Bingham in Peru since 1911.  This was done in limited (500) printing run.  With slipcase and DJ.

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1930 Machu Picchu Dust Jacket view 

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1948LostCityIncas.jpg (124181 bytes) 1948 

Lost City of The Incas.  The last book by Bingham reporting the archaeological work in Peru.   $99

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1975IncredibleIncas.jpg (138720 bytes) 1975

The Incredible Incas and Their Timeless Land... This is a National Geographic Society Special Publications Book by McIntyre.  It includes some delightfull insight into Machu Picchu, and has refference to the "Lost City..." book (above). There is first hand reporting by the author on visits to the Citadel.

199 pages (various printings thru 1988)   $25

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382Map.jpg (101220 bytes) 1982

March 1982 Double Sided Map Supplement.... This has photographs by McIntyre and coverage of  the Inca's and Machu Picchu.  $15

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Machu.jpg (111319 bytes) 1987

"100 Years of Adventure and Discovery" covers the Machu Picchu Expeditions and has possibly the best modern photo of it in any National Geographic Society publication. 

Click on Pic to Enlarge  This book is shown in the Books section:   $99

Aprl2011.jpg (55721 bytes) April 2011 issue.....  This issue is not strictly on Machu Picchu, but has a recap of the early exploration (Bingham) and a small but colorful fold out of the citadel.  $15 

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