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In the National Geographic 1987 Educational Services Catalog .... the Computer Courseware page had the first two titles copyrighted by the National Geographic Society in 1987.  "Project Zoo" was exercises in charts and graphs. "The Golden Spike" was about America's First Transcontinental Railroad. Both were Apple Computer format as it was popular in school programs in that era.

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1988Courseware.jpg (120725 bytes) 1988

The third computer program in the early Educational Services Catalog Offerings.... was "The Weather Machine" (1988).  It helped educate students on weather patterns as well as computer use.

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1989Courseware.jpg (241020 bytes) 1989

The 1989-90 K6 Teachers Catalog...added two new (1989 copyright) titles on basic principals of classification: "Project Classify: Mammals" and "Project Classify: Plants".

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1991Carmen.jpg (129754 bytes) 1991 "Where In The World Is Carmen Santiago?"

One of the first catalog entries for software to the public, this title is by Borderbund Software, but uses NG Photography in the MS Dos format.

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1991SoftZoo.jpg (170946 bytes) 1991

This is a catalog entry for the "Project Zoo" in a version for release to the public (see 1987 above). It closely rivals with "Carmen" (shown with it) as the first National Geographic Society software released to the public.  It is an NGS title and has NGS copyright items in the package in addition to the software. Apple format only.

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1993Patlas.jpg (110829 bytes) 1993

"Picture Atlas of the World" first version. This may have been a 1992 copyright but catalog entries state both 1992 and 1993. A note asks to call for computer requirements when ordering. (not listed as Dos or Apple)

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1994ZipZap.jpg (161913 bytes) 1994

"Zip Zap Map" was a highly popular software (there was a board game of the same title).  This is listed as available in Dos or Mac versions.

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1990Mammals.jpg (116050 bytes) 1994

"Mammals" This title first appeared in the 1994 catalogs next to the Picture Atlas title.  It seems that both had wrong copyright dates listed in this catalog.  Here it is shown as 1990, and the Picture Atlas (yellow box version below) was listed as 1992 (revised 1994) but had the 1993 version catalog # (above).  The box design indicates this is about a 1994 release.  Dos or Mac version.

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1995Patlas.jpg (125292 bytes) 1995

"Picture Atlas of the World" (revised) has a box copyright of 1995.  Software may have been copyrighted as early as 1994 in this Dos or Mac version on the same CD.

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1996BigCats.jpg (81930 bytes) 1996

The "Big Cats" screen saver worked well at showing many cat pictures in an alternating sequence on an "inactive" screen.  These screensavers were used in the days before screens shut down completely (energy saver). This was produced and sold separately by BocaSoft as well. Dos 3.1 or Win 95

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1996Mags.jpg (127222 bytes) 1996

"The Complete National Geographic" on CD ROM was a serious joint venture with Mindscape and has the added advantage of a search engine that references NGS advertisements as well as content. Maps are listed, but not available to view here (see separate software - 1997). Mac or Dos. The first release was in Standard only. (see Deluxe in 1998 below)

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1997GeoBee.jpg (151930 bytes) 1997

"GeoBee Challenge" brings the excitement of a Geography Quiz Game to the home computer.  Apple or IBM software.

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1997Maps.jpg (104328 bytes) 1997

"National Geographic Maps" completed the project by NGS/Mindscape to portray all content of magazines and supplements since 1888!  Early debate about the possibility of these software titles replacing the need for a real set of Geographics has proved unfounded. Actually, they have done just the opposite from all indications.  Many folks now have an appetite for the real thing as a result of exposure via the CD ROMs. Win 95 or Apple CD's.

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1997MapsA.jpg (106222 bytes) 1997

"National Geographic Maps" Case and CD's that are in the box you buy (above)... Case has just enough pockets for the 8 CD's.

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1997PhotoGallery.jpg (82010 bytes) 1997

"National Geographic  Photo Gallery" appeals to those with an appreciation for National Geographic Society pictures (who doesn't).

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1998GeoAware.jpg (39822 bytes) 1998

This is a CD that was used in the 1998 Geographic Awareness Week package as an aid to those not technology challenged.

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1998GreetingCards.jpg (98622 bytes) 1998

"National Geographic Greeting Cards" is for those who wish to express their message via natural pictures.

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1998LineUp.jpg (160618 bytes) 1998

This ad shows a line up of the products and those available in DVD as well as CD ROM.

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1998TripPlan.jpg (96016 bytes) 1998

"National Geographic Trip Planner Deluxe" Every RV owner, be it a diesel pusher or smaller,  should have this in their laptop. Everyone else, take the plane.

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1999Alaska.jpg (135814 bytes) 1999

"The Definitive Alaska"... another RV aide.

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1999NatParksMaps.jpg (132684 bytes) 1999

"National Geographic National Parks Maps" on CD Rom... well OK everyone needs to prevent asking for directions.

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Other Titles Know from either Educational or Products Catalogs..... 1992....                    What Air Can Do – CD -ROM
  1.  ....                   Whales – CD –ROM

Butterflies – CD - ROM

Dinosaurs – CD – ROM

Spiders – CD – ROM


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